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  • A&H mixer issue

    We're having a small issue with our A&H ZED-22 used for our church services, nothing show-stopping, just unusual. According to the level meters we are getting a stronger signal going through the right main channel than left. This is coming from mono sources panned to center. The only effect being used is onboard reverb. Any ideas what could possibly cause this?

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    How much of a difference?

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      About 6Db on th meter

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    Are you certain you do not have a AUX that is being metered on the right channel?


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      I don't have a solid answer for you but I had the right channel drop 6db and sounded different (hard to describe). I took it into a local shop and they replace an 80cent capacitor and with labor turned out to be around $325.
      One thing to do is periodically excersized the aux and main inserts. Especially with the zed series since the 1/4 jacks are oriented vertically, dust and dirt can get into the jack. Corrosion can be a problem but excersizing the jacks can keep problems at bay.
      Also: cover the board when not in use! Church boards suffer from dirty post/faders because they are left out, knobs/faders are marked then never moved causing parts to go bad over time.

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    Just because it gets put away doesn't mean that dirt won't be a problem. Our mixers are in sealed cases unless being used and I still give them a good cleaning at least once a year.