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I made it!!!

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  • I made it!!!

    The new look. Interesting. I'll get used to it.

    Thanks Guys!!!.png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    "I've learned everything I think I Know."

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    We will continue to evolve it, improve it and (most importantly) SUPPORT IT.  Thanks for your feedback!


    • StratGuy22
      StratGuy22 commented
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      I'll get used to it as long as the **bleep** thing works.

    • WynnD
      WynnD commented
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      The stability is nice.

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    Sorry, guys, I've had my share of problem here as well, namely the admins didn't have my correct email address, there's no "office" forum for mods to post in, and I had several personal issues that required my attention more than here. So I didn't get notice of the move, then couldn't contact anyone to get any training, and still haven't found a lot of the features yet.

    So I apologize for your issues and hope most have been resolved. I'm looking through the PM's and checking to see who can and can't post. I have zero ability to make changes to accounts at this point, but can forward your issues to the Admins. They're the ones who've been doing all the heavy lifting on this mess.



    • dboomer2
      dboomer2 commented
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      Craigv wrote:

      Sorry, guys, I've had my share of problem here as well, namely the admins didn't have my correct email address.


      Wait ... That's what I said.


      When this is all straightened out they should double Craig's pay!

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    Okay, I think at this point Mark is using another account (Audiopile), and Don is using dboomer2. It appears everyone else who contacted me is able to use their original account. If not, let me know, and if I don't handle it by this evening (Monday) PM Craig Anderton or Phil O'Keefe to ask if they can help.

    Note that you can't assign the same email address to two account names, so in Don's case I can't update his dboomer account because dboomer2 has his current email address.
    "just" create another emai address and let me know what it is and I'll get that address assigned to the account you want to use, and your reset notifications should go there. Should...