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taming high and mid frequencies


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  • taming high and mid frequencies

    Hi guys, my rehearsal studio has plenty rockwool panels (2'x4'x4"). So far so good except that my live vocals I have to set mid and high eq knob to 9oclock, if not it will feedback.

    Im thinking I could get acoustic foam , cut them and place them on top of the existing panels. So in result the panels will be 2" foam and 4" rockwool.

    Do you guys think it will work?

    Thanks in advance

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    9oclock I mean from zero to 25%. Hope I make sense


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      What does your system consist of? Mics, speakers, etc
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      • twostone
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        Might look into mid/high diffusers for taming the mid/highs but cheapest solution is to turn down along with speaker and mic placement can do wonders for feedback elimination and doesn't cost any thing.

        Also might use a 31 band EQ on the channel strip insert with a Y insert cable  to notch out the offending FB frequencies if your using the main outs on your mixer for the speakers.

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      Not enough information

      Tell the guys to bring their volume down for rehearsal

      Give the guys here more in depth information on the system your using for rehearsals





      • Tomm Williams
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        Your problem could possibly be corrected by simply changing the relationship of your mic to the speakers. Best of all....it's free.