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pearl e-pro drum outputs into PA

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  • pearl e-pro drum outputs into PA

    I've got a new set of Pearl E-Pro drums set up on our stage and I want to provide a stereo output from the red box (brain) into our stage xlr wall panel that is routed to our mixer/PA via xlr cables into the mic inputs on the pa.  The outputs of the red box are 1/4 inch.  When I run a 1/4 inch cable from the red box direct to the line input on the mixer, the sound is fine, good gain structure and sounds as it should in our PA.  However if I use a 1/4 to xlr cable into the wall panel or if I run the 1/4 inch outputs into a direct box and run that into our snake to the mixer, the sound is weak even when I boost the trim gain on the board up higher than I ever do for a mic.

    Is there a way to run line level signal over an xlr cable so I carry the hotter signal from the red box into the pa?

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    See my post in the other thread. For a line level signal a 1:1 isolation transformer is another option.
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