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  • 'Speaker' cables

    Some advice please.  In the depths of our church cable box are a couple of jack-to-jack 'speaker' cables that turn out to be made of mains electric cables (I live in the UK so don't know how this compares to US cabling).  They have never been used that I know of and some predecessor must have made them up.  They are nice and long.  My questions are

    - Is this normal?

    - Are there any implications around safety?

    - Are there any implications around sound quality?


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    There are no safety issues as long as they cannot be mistaken as AC power cables. The wire itself is of no issue.

    Sound implications revolve 99.99% around the size/current carrying capabilities of wire. As long as they are of big enough there will be no problems here.
    Don Boomer


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      Note that in the UK, domestic mains cable may use smaller conductors. IIRC, it's common to see the equiv. of 18 gauge which is fine for short runs but not so good for longer runs (say greater than 25'-50')