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  • Stupid deal...

    Is about right. Gemini wireless, or Nady or whatever. $20 for a wireless mic. The ROI has got to be excellent on it though...

    bassist and sound reinforcement

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    R.O.I.?!! I'd be way more worried about the work I'd lose than any I hoped to gain from using one of these!



    Added: Is it just me, or are these the worst looking emoticons?

    One more time kids; equalizers are not cross overs, vocal mics are not cymbal mics and pan knobs are not three position switches. As you were.


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      Last night I checked out a local club I used to KJ at. We made a business decision to not play there anymore due to contract discrepancies. It was a bar I think of maybe 2000 square feet give or take. I went up to sing and thought these mics look different and found it had a switch on it and the battery that pops out the bottom. Then I see your post tonight and then it hit me, those are the mics I saw.


      I did a little roaming while singing and it was pretty crowded. At approximately 30 feet it started dropping out. And the tone: definitely not even close to the sound of a SM58 or EV967. For throw away application like karaoke perfect, but professionally what the other dude said, not worth the investment long term. I think my crappy (retired) vocopro's sound better to be honest


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        I bought a similar wireless mic the other day -