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Galaxy AS-900 Opinions?

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  • Galaxy AS-900 Opinions?

    We have been using wired IEM's for the last 10 years, but are considering these.  They appear to get decent reviews with hardly any exceptions.

    My reason for wanting wireless is simply to eliminate the setup time associated with running the pair of Cat 5 cables around to the 4 of us and taping down all the extra cable to keep the stage clean.

    Wireless IEM's would be much easier with respect to setup.

    I understand that this model has a single frequency, but I haven't been able to find anyone that has had an issue with that.

    If you are currently using these, please let me know which frequency you are using

    I can get a transmitter, 4 belt packs and 4 ear buds for $550.00 new.  This seems like a silly good deal ..... if they work.

    My drummer uses a decent set of Sennheiser head phones, me and my lead guitar player use Shure E215's while the bass player is using an old pair of Carvin ear buds (crap, but he doesn't want to spring for his own and I aint buying him his own $100.00 ear buds).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Understanding

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    I have all four frequencies - I paid $175 each so four independant mixes for $700. Someone borrowed them once for a job in NYC and had interference problems with two of them. I'd say they aren't a great choice if you do big cities with lots of clubs and theaters close together and multiple TV stations. Around here I'd be a bit worried about doing dowtown Hartford, Providence, or Boston if I needed all four to work. I've used them in Worcester MA no problem.


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      I use them. Ordered them out from the US (I did my research on frequencies). Not sure of the exact frequency but something like 636. I am happy with them. My church runs 6 sets of a no name brand with multiple frequencies and the galaxies are far better because they actually work.


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        Thanks guys.

        I am in the Detroit area, but live and play out in the burbs.  I am guessing that this will give me less of a chance of getting into trouble with interference.

        It seems like there should be a pretty easy way to switch frequencies within the units by replacing an oscillator some where if I find that the frequency I pick has issues at specific gigs.