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Need advice on first sound system

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  • Need advice on first sound system

    I in a new quartet that started singing in churches between 50 to 150 people. Many small churches just do not have a great system to try to plug into and get a good sound or be able to hear yourself, so we are planning to buy our own system to carry with us. But have no ideal what to buy. We would like to spend around $1500 or less if we can. Just doing this for fun once or twice a month.

    We sing mostly with tracks (ipod or computer) and one of the guys wives plays a keyboard we take with us on a couple of songs.

    We're all older guys (50 or so) and need something that is easy for us to handle and still be able to set up as we age. I have run the sound in my church over the years but they were all installed systems. Mostly peavey.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you're not into loud and don't need to run the kick drum or the bass though the speakers, the ZX1As are fine. $500 each, and a small mixer and a couple of tripods might even leave a little money for microphones. The speakers weigh less than 20 pounds each, have built in processing and limiting. (Much less likely to blow them up.) If you need the harder bottom end, there are matching subs available for $600 each. (And if you need them at louder volume levels, you will probably need two. It's a budget buster from your description. They weigh less than 50 pounds each.) At lower volume, these can be used in the back line. Watch the bottom end reverberation in a lot of churches. Cutting the low frequencies can bring a lot of clarity. (Simplistic but generally true to some degree.)


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      Four Yamaha SM12Vs and a matching EMX312 powered mixer is $1530 for the whole package (shop around and ignore the big box stores). That gives you two monitors and two mains. You would still need to budget for mics, cables, and stands. You could also swap out the Yamahas with These instead and save a few bucks.


      Another option might be three or four RCF 310a with an unpowered mixer of your choice. Four RCF 310a would be around $1600  before the mixer, but would also be a lot lighter and sound better than the yamahas.


      Our church has sent a traveling group out to do exactly what you are talking about. We used four Mackie Thump 15 powered cabinets and had plenty of volume, but the sound quality sucked. You should easily be able to improve the sound quality with either of the options above.

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        A friend suggested using jbl eon 510s. Anyone have any thoughts on these.


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          The newer Eons look better than the old ones did. I liked the way they sounded, but they're common enough to rent to decide if you want to live with them.