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Case for a Soundcraft MFXi-8


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  • Case for a Soundcraft MFXi-8

    Has anyone here, bought a case for a Soundcraft MFXi-8? I ws using a Gator G-Mix B-1515 for my EFX-8, and the MFXi-8 doesn't quite fit. Close,,,, but "no cigar". Minimum width and length is 15" x 16". Depth is roughly 4".

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    I use this... works well


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pelican-Style-Airtight-Watertight-Hard-Case-Foam-Maufactured-Condition1-/181072874931?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a28c8 cdb3


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      Nice case. I think I'm going to stick with the shoulder-bag style however, primarily due to space restrictions.

      When I do small acoustic-guitar gigs (which is what I'll mostly use this mixer for), the car is crammed with speakers, light-trees & fixtures, mic & speaker stands, as well as several bulky acoustic guitars. (at least 2, nylon-string and steel-string). The mixer is one of the last things I pack, and I try to squeeze it into a snug space, so it doesn't slide around, or get banged up. In a pinch, I can put it on the rear window deck, but most often, I slide it vertically, on the floor behind the passenger seat.

      The hard-shell cases are a bit too bulky for that. I've got a MixWiz3 16;2 in a not-too-big Road-Ready road-case, but most of the time it just stays at home, due to space restrictions.

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    It packs a lot of goodies into a small package.

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      Great oics StratGuy;

      How much of an issue is the absence of GEQ's on the monitor outs? Have you been using outboard GEQ's, or are you finding enough control with the channel PEQ's?