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Line 6 StageScape M20d - price drop?


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  • Line 6 StageScape M20d - price drop?

    Has anyone here had a chance yet to use the Line 6 StageScape M20d mixer? I've been considering it, among other options like the small StudioLive, but there aren't many user reports about it yet. I'm especially interested in how well the channel feedback "eliminator" performs, compared to outboard units like the Sabine fbx 2400 I've been using. 

    I noticed the price dropped $500 at Sweetwater, so it's now at $2k. I wonder if that's because it wasn't selling, or it's just a more rational pricing relative to the newer digital mixers showing up now? Whatever the reason, that's probably a better price for this mixer. I'm just not sure I want to take a chance on it yet. 


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    I can explain the differences between the two feedback management systems as I have been intimately involved with both of them.


    The Sabine system can only look at the loudest peak and analyze it for feedback.  Usually that will give you the correct information ... but not always.  The StageScape system looks at 48 peaks at a time.  It also performs some additional tests once it identifies potential feedback in order to better distinguish it from music.


    I should also point out that this feedback management system in addition to living in the mixer also lives in the individual Line 6 speakers.  So check out the new L2m speaker as a monitor speaker.  No matter what system you plug it into you will get automatic feeedback management individually in each speaker.

    Don Boomer