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Is the end near?

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  • Is the end near?


    Bill Cronheim
    Entertainment Systems Corporation
    Back stage since 1965
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    I would hate to see anyone lose their job in todays economy, but I wouldn't shed a tear if GC closed up shop.


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      I read the OP, then when I tried to go back to the thread list things just hung up and wouldn't do anything. I tried two or three times more with the same result. Then I tried one more time and got a message that said the forums were closed for maintenance. Just like old times.

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      Vinny D wrote:
      I would hate to see anyone lose their job in todays economy, but I wouldn't shed a tear if GC closed up shop.

      Not for anything but they have shot themselves in the foot.  People nowadays have a lot less disposable income and GC stores seem to refuse to carry the lower priced items that can be ordered online through their own websites (GC, MF, M123, WWBW).  Instead they just carry the higher priced items which people can't afford, so the people are forced to buy online.  

      Best Buy has a similar problem.  For example, walk into a BB store and you'll find the cheapest HDMI cables they have are like $25.  You can buy an identical cable online for $5.  

      With a few exceptions, GC retail stores are pretty much the same.  

      Also, I can call M123/MF and get 15% off almost any item just by asking.  I will also get free shipping and not have to pay tax.   GC, at least the ones I've personally been to in Miami, SD, Nashville, and NYC, have all refused to offer any kind of discounts.  So, I end up going online and getting the same item for a net cost of about 20% to 25% less.  When you're looking at a $500+ purchase, that adds up.    It's like GC doesn't even try anymore. 

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    Down here in Australia the Allans Billy Hyde music group collapsed last year with debts a lot smaller than that. Most of it got brought out by the second biggest music retailer in Australia and from everything they're releasing it seems to be back in the hands of music lovers. The original Billy Hyde store was brought out by the late Billy Hyde's son who sold it a few years ago - the store looks great, good gear and friendly sales people just like the old days.

    Not sure about either groups prospects though. From talking to my musician friends, who actually buy pro gear, they either buy online, or they do what I do these days and buy at specialty pro stores (factory sound for example is a pro level audio store). Personally I dislike buying online but I like my stores to know their stock well.


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      I don't like to bash but, I had an early 70's twin reverb that I wanted to trade for something alittle lighter and not so loud for gigging. The amp worked fine as I always kept up the maint. on it. It was my main gig amp for a long time but ya know It 's too heavey and loud. Anyhow gc would not take it in on trade cause they said it was too old and would need a lot of work before they could sell it. That was said to me by the store manager as soon as I walked in with it. I didn't even get a chance to say what I was looking for. Two years ago and I probably won't ever go in there stores again.     I do all my buy,sell, trade at local music shops from now on.