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Nexo PS10 R2 controller question


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  • Nexo PS10 R2 controller question

    Guys i can get my hands on some fair new PS10 R2 ...

    These are coming WITHOUT a controller , is a controller necessary ? can i not go straight out my dynacord powered desk with a small powered sub on the AUX channel,  or is this a big no no ?

    Otherwise i will have to fork out 650 quid for a R2 controller ...... (

    Thoughts please ...

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    The speaker system is designed to be used with that controller. It can only guarantee to meet specs if used with the controller. 

    Of course you can use the speakers without the controller but it won't sound as it was designed. The controller provides EQ, limiting, and filter cutoffs.


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      What oldschooler said,,,,, and,,,, go with the digital processor (PS10TD R2???). or better yet, the NXAMP4X4. if you want "sensing" capabilities.



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      • chrispeters
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        yeah i already have a pair of the older nexo R1 , with the controller ( blue coloured ) and i love em .

        But i heard these newer R2 nexo will not work correctly with the older controller and i must buy the R2 control for them ( black and silver coloured ) but its 650 quid , wish there was another way round it (

        cheers guys

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      Correct, the sub protection will not be effective for the subs because there's no relation between the two different subs.
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      • Bobby1Note
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        agedhorse wrote:
        Correct, the sub protection will not be effective for the subs because there's no relation between the two different subs.

        I don't see how he'll have protection to his tops either. The processor requires that it be used with amplifiers that have "sensing" capability. I haven't had time to read his powered-mixers' manual yet, but I seriously doubt this would be the case (DynaCord powered mixer)..

        When using the Nexo amp (NEXAMP4X1 or NEXAMP4X4) the three components (processor.amp,enclosure) work together to monitor excursion, voice-coil temperature, and voltage correction.

        Nexo suggests that the PS10 enclosures can take 2000w/ 8 Ohms with the proper combination working together. I doubt this analogue processor (PS10TD R2) would allow anywhere near that level.