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Running wireless in multiples------------------issues?

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  • Running wireless in multiples------------------issues?

    An opportunity has presented itself to start renting wireless units for theatre. I've picked up several AT 2000 and 3000 series units in preparation. AT has a pretty nice set of articles concerning succesfull use of wireless gear that I've learned a lot from. However, a few questions have popped up as I have seen (or heard from reliable sources) of folks doing much the opposite of AT's suggestions, and doing just fine.


    1--Casing the receivers. AT speaks about the problems of the metal parts of the case causing interference issues. I can't see these things NOT being in a case, they wouldn't last a minute as a rental. 


    2--Touching or parrallel antenna causing interference. I can see touching being a problem but if you have a stack of 4-6 of these units, how should the all the antennas be pointed?


    3--What is the suggested span of frequency seperation from unit to unit? at one point they suggest 1 mhz and then show a chart that (in some cases) is only 500 khz.


    4--Antenna splitters--------------is there such a thing as a "generic" splitter or do I have to use an AT product? I know they are frequency-range specific but are there other issues at stake?     

    Any other pearls of wisdom are welcome

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    Spacing is more complicated than that - start here:


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      Yeah, I saw that chart and ran some samples. That is partly where I'm getting the confusion. I see suggested multiple channels that are closer than 1mhz

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    I prefer to stick with the same manufacturer, in part because of the integrated power distribution that they provide. I haven't tried it, but shure and AT use the same power supply scheme so provided the rf bandwidth was the same they should work ok. Disclaimer.... Not tested