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Shure to AT adapter?


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  • Shure to AT adapter?

    Anyone know a source for an adapter that permits a Shure wireless headset to be used with an AT bodypack?

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    Doesn't it just fit leaving a pin empty?

    Don Boomer


    • Tomm Williams
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      Is that the case? I don't have a Shure unit on hand to try my AT bodypack on. I found a Shure headset quite cheap on CL but was hesitant to buy.

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    No, the connectors are totally different.

    I don't know of any.
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    • dboomer
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      Funny ... I've got a few AT headsets kicking around my office that have 3 pin mini-xlrs still in factory packaging. I don't use AT's and don't have any beltpacks handy.  But now that I look their beltpacks up they seem to be using 4 pin Hirose connectors.

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    IIRC, I believe I used an AT headset with a Shure wireless beltpack just last year..  It was a newer digital Shure beltpack unit but it worked fine with the AT. I guess they don't work the other way around. Or maybe there was another factor involved.


    • BillESC
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      AT Microset earworn mics are available from AT with connectors for several other brands of belt pack.  All of Audio Technica's Unipak's use the 4 pin locking connector.