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Getting more gain from lead vocals....?


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  • Getting more gain from lead vocals....?

    I've just purchased a TC Helicon Voicelive Play for our band's female singer though it's not arrived yet. We'll be using this for her vocal effects at shows, as it seems to have the right combination of effects, simple display, etc.... I'll be running that to a Behringer DI800, then to FOH.

    We've had issues in the past where her vocals were quieter that we would have liked (she sings quiet, it's just how it is), so what I'm asking - is there anything else I can do to get more signal gain to FOH? The DI800 has a +20 dB switch, is that where I should be dealing with the issue? Or do I need a compressor or something onstage too?

    Advice/tips much appreciated!




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    How far past unity is her channel and the master on the mixer? What kind of microphone does she use? Is the input gain set properly on her channel? Does she use it properly, or is she one of these people that wants a microphone to work three feet away from her head?

    Usually the best place IME to get more gain is at the input. The cheapest mic you should even consider using is a Shure SM-58. Make sure the mic and monitors are oriented for no feedback. And have her sing //right into// the microphone.
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      PS - IM (limited) E a compressor is not the answer here. That will limit her dynamic range, and it sounds like it's already quite limited. I only like to use a compressor on backup vocals for keyboard players and drummers who aren't always quite on the mic.

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      The mic is an Audix OM5 ... we were using a 58 before that.

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    Less stage volume. 

    More sound system

    What I mean is a sound system with a higher decibel output capability







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      This might not be the problem, but something that might be considered.

      Maybe her voice and some other instrument(s) are sharing the same sonic space, basically stepping on her, or cancelling her out.

      Maybe changing that instrument