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ELX-118P vs PRX-518


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  • ELX-118P vs PRX-518

    I was asked for an opinion, but I have experience with the EV. Does anyone have an informed opinion which would be the better choice for even money in the used market?

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    Well the PRX 518 has on board HPF if that matters ? since some active tops don't always have on board HPF.

    Which both subs are some what weak sauce compared to the PRX 618XLF or EVs discontinued SBA 760 active sub.  If it were me I'd look for some Yorkville LS720Ps but the catch 22 is you'll need HPF since they lack a HPF on them.


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      I don't have any problem with the PRX-518, it's a good speaker if it will deliver adequate performance. The on-board crossover makes it a much better choice IMO.