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  • In a pinch........

      I am doing a street festival next month and I need to broadcast the stage sound into the background music system inside a bar across the street (about 100ft).  Running a hardwired line is logistically an impossibility.......what are you guys thoughts on using a wireless beltpack (Audio Technica 2000) plugged into an aux send and running the receiver inside hooked into the system?  Judging by the spec on the wireless system, the frequency response is going to be limited.  However, that is not a huge factor in this case.  Has anyone ever done this in a pinch? 

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    It can work BUT you will need to work on level matching, use the proper instrument to HI-4 cable, and get as close to line of sight as you can. The output of the receiver will not be line level so you will need a mixer at the rcceiver end.

    Read the msnual with regards to transmitter gain setting, and using the instrument cable/input.
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      If I was the kind of guy that does such things  I'd use a 50mw FM Transmitter off of fleaBay to broadcast the signal across - they probably already have an FM receiver. Someone I may or may not know may or may not have one of these that works well:


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        One item of caution: What you hear out in front of the band may not be purely a result of what is coming out of your speakers, so the mix in the bar might really suck. Be aware, and come up with a plan to evaluate and correct the remote area's feed.

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        Thanks for the help.....I'll be going balanced XLR out of the receiver to a Euroblock connector input on a Crown Mixer that has mic/line input switches on the inputs.  I'll have my helper check the mix inside and call me on the phone about any needed changes.


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        I'd suggest trying it out now if the location is close. That said, a line of site now may not be a line of site with a street fair going on as the street will be packed with people. You'll need to get both transmitter and receiver above heads. Also consider vendors and their trailers and tents.

        Probably not a big deal, but if doors and windows of the bar are open, you'll also get sound from the main stage and it may sound like poo in the bar with nearly 1/3 of a second difference. Do you have a way to delay the speaker in the bar?


        I do this sort of thing a few times a year with wedding receptions. Generally for the background music and speeches portion of the night so I don't have to blast the people sitting near FOH to reach the back of a banquet hall.