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    Howdy folks. Does such a quality product exist for wireless audio? 

    Once a year I make a trip to (wefest.com) and we camp in an Ice Cabin (link below is not the actual unit but that is the size)


    I use zed 10 fx inside the cabin running off laptop and set it up next to the stove right inside the door. PA is a B52 Matrix 1000 and the sub I lock and cable to the axle and stack on 2 x 4's in case deep rain, then I set the 10" satellites outside as needed and lock them inside at night. The pa is fed by xlr cabling ran through a fish hole to the sub.

    It is a hassle going into the camper to put in requests/switch tracks etc. I would like to run the laptop outside if at all possible for quick access and DJing and may be looking at running video this year. I could run a long unbalanced headphone line to the mixer, but that's more cabling, which I am trying to reduce. 

    I found this: 


    Question 1: Would there be a degradation in audio quality that would be substantial? I have found other products but they specifically state 30 feet line-of-site, which I do not see as a stable solution due to the mixer being inside the RV. Anyone know of any other products? Would be looking for something with preferrably a smaller USB dongle? 


    Question 2: A little OT re power surges this is what I believe to be a standard I think (be nice to me here) 220 RV hook up which is what 30 amp? Everytime someone's AC turns on (many many RVs lined up) there is a potential for audio drop out which is faint however annoying, is there anyway to resolve this? Thought about bringing my furman, but I suspect that wouldn't cure the issue. 

    Thanks everyone for input.


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    Much better solution would be a stereo wireless IEM system. I use an Audio Technica M-3 for situations like this.

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      Apple AirPort Express, use airplay to send the tunes to the mixer. 1/8 out to the mixer. Run tunes off iTunes or an iPod with no cable. Cost $100


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        I use the express for my dl1608 then AirPlay to play break music from anywhere


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          I wouldn't imagine much more than 30 feet line of sight with this one either.  In any event non LOS you can probably cut that another 50% or more.


          You're looking for a smaller dongle ... really?

          Don Boomer


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            Smaller dongle if possible sure why not, less chance of damage, just an inquiry, thank you to everyone for posts will review the posts at home tonight,

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          Apple express... No dongle, use built in wifi.


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            Scroll down to then AirPlay part.


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              iTunes on the laptop, connected to a router.

              Splashtop or any other VNC to control iTunes from your phone.
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