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Yamaha EMX640 Appropriate? Newbie Questions

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  • Yamaha EMX640 Appropriate? Newbie Questions

    Right now all I gots is a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 i'm playing a parker thru it.

    Anyway, i'm thinking of buying a used Yamaha EMX640 for $200 bucks,

    my amp is 40w, i'm going to want to mix another similar size tube amp and a bass amp, including microphones,

    is this device going to be appropriate?

    i'm assuming that this thing connects to loudspeakers for output *dumb-ass question I know  I just need to know what I need to buy!


    thanks for taking the time to read this

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    reading some pretty lousy reviews, anyone suggest a good mixer for a small venue?


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      Also -->  would you pay 600 bucks for a 1990 Marshall JCM 900 head?  seems like a pretty good deal



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        Totally the wrong tool for the job.