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  • Shure AMS8000 Mixer

      I just had a buddy walk into my shop and give me a Shure AMS8000 Mixer.  I printed off the manual and checked it out.  Does anyone know if it is true that this will only work with the Shure AMS series microphones?  In other words......could this unit be used at all as a simple mic mixer or not?  The manual says no......is this fact or does Shure just want the user to buy their mics?  I understand the intended application for the product.  I'm just trying to figure out if it is worth holding onto or if I should try to find a buyer for it.

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    Yes and no.

    A conventional mic will work BUT because of the way the AMS system works there will be signal loss and especially low frequency loss. You will also have to over-ride the gate logic.

    Will it work well? No.

    Best bet is to sell it (there are folks with AMS systems installed that might be interested in a back-up) and use the money earned to buy a more appropriate tool.

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      Aged.....thanks for the help. Any ideas on a sale price?


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        Look at completed transactions on E-Bay