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Modifying fixed frequency radio mics....


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  • Modifying fixed frequency radio mics....

    Hi I am a long time follower of this forum but don't really post. Normally just read for advice really.

    I'm off to Cyprus in a weeks time to work in a resort for 9 months and have just been given the tech report from last years sound guy....and it sounds like they don't give a damn about sound and lighting quality to be honest.

    I won't list all the details there's just one thing that i'm curious about. They have 4 fixed frequency (between 148 & 170mhz) radio mics that they use every night and all i've read is problems about the mics picking up nearby taxi drivers and the channels clashing with each other. They seem to refuse to spend money on anything as they don't seem to understand anything technical so it's my job to make something out of this pile of rubbish they call equipment.

    My question is....is it possible to internally modify a fixed frequency radio mic? I can imagine in principal it would be really hard but i've never looked into it so thought i'd ask on here. Apologies if it's a stupid question but you don't know unless you don't ask and i'm a bit desperate really!





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    Possible but not practical.


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      Ok I just found another forum topic about this kind of thing and it does seem near impossible and like you say, just not practical, so I won't attempt it as i'll probably just break it.

      Ah well will just have to settle for 9 months of hearing taxi chat through the FOH during shows....