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Mixwiz 16:2 Aux out setting question


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  • Mixwiz 16:2 Aux out setting question

    Had a bit of a disagreement with a bandmate this weekend over the Aux out control for monitors.

    After setting gain for all the mics,I typically set the Aux pre dial at 12 O'clock and then bring up each channel aux send to taste in the monitors.

    My bandmate (who also has a mixwiz) says that the aux out unity setting is actually at 3 o'clock. There is a mark at 3 o'clock on all the aux knobs, but all the other dials center at 12 o'clock.


    Couldn't find specifics in the manual, but as a habit on all the boards I've owned, 12 is usually unity.

    What am I missing here? Thanks!

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    Yup, unity is at 3 o'clock on those. Same on the channel aux sends.


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      Thanks man... I had no idea. Guess I'll be re doing my in-ear mix next gig!

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    It is Indeed a common term, the problem is that it means different things under different conditions. It can be very complicated when the term unity varies with level of with the number of inputs. Nominal and summing carry a kind of special meaning.
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      Andy, what are the implications for MixWiz users of this ? Should we default to having the aux send master at 3 o'clock ?

      As I am sure it depends, on what would it depend ?