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MixWizard3 Aux/Monitor Feed Noise


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  • MixWizard3 Aux/Monitor Feed Noise

    I use the aux sends on my Mixwizard for monitor sends. Normally I just have one mix. I get a lot of noise out of my powered monitors. Powered mains (using same power source as monitors) are clean and quiet.

    If I switch speakers (connect mains to snake monitor feed and and monitors to the snake main feed) the speakers first connected to the monitor feed become quiet as house speakers, and the house speakers now connected as monitors become noisy.

    Lifting the electrical ground on the noisy speakers significantly reduces the noise.

    All speakers from JBL PRX600 series

    Monitors are 612m and 615m


    This is how I connect with monitors on the stage:

    from mixer - TRS male to XLRm (cable) to snake

    stage end of snake - XLRm to XLRf (cable to monitor #1)

    XLR cable from monitor #1 xlr out to monitor #2 xlr in


    It seems to me that there is something in the connectors and/or cable/snake combination. I have 2 MixWizards and the problem exists on both.

    Any ideas?

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    Take the snake out of the equation and plug straight from the board into the speaker and see if you still have an issue.  Since it happens on both boards it's got to be a cabling issue.  Are any of the cables real super cheapo cables?


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      Check to be sure that the shell and pin 1 are not bonded together inside any of the XLR connectors.