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A&H MixWiz 12:2 vs ZED10FX

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  • A&H MixWiz 12:2 vs ZED10FX

    I have a chance to pickup a used Mixwiz 12:2 in great shape for a great price. I've owned the Zed10FX for a couple of years now.

    Channel count and routing features aside, is the MW noticeably superior, sonically, then the ZED10 ? Don't care about the quality of the effects either. 

    This is FOH small format, jazz contexts. Vocals mainly. Ever so often I'll run a line for digital piano, acoustic bass and occasionally stick a mic on the drums and mic a sax. 

    I have really nice speakers comparatively to most people doing these type of gigs--the RCF TT22As. 

    In a few rooms I've noticed they sounded a tad thin or phasey. All I've ever used with RCFs has been the ZED10FX. I've been disappointed in the sound in certain rooms and thinking the ZED might be a contributing factor. And yes I take acoustics of each room into consideration. i know things can't always sound good. And no, I don't wanna mess with a separate EQ. Being the pianist, I have enough to schlep & setup now as it is.

    Also are the ZED preamps in the 10 of less quality then the larger channel count ZED boards ? 

    I've called AM&S the US distributor and dropped A&H in the UK a line inquiring into the MW vs ZED10 and haven't heard anything.

    Any pro sound type users opinions would be greatly appreciated. Again I have to point out though it's jazz, not R&R.


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    The MixWiz has more versatile EQ'ing capabilities (dual swept mids). I've never owned a ZED board, so I won't comment on the difference (if any) of the pre's. I think that what most people really mean when they're comparing the "sound of pre's", is actually the sound of the channel-strip (incl EQ). The MixWiz may have the advantage there.

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      Preamps aren't the cause. Perhaps there was something with the room, or cabling setup like a cable wired with polarity reversed?


      • Mutha Goose
        Mutha Goose commented
        Editing a comment
        I don't want to hijack this thread, but I've seen this question come up a lot: people keep asking about the quality of the pre-amps. What is that people think a pre-amp does? I'm not saying that the quality of a preamp isn't important (it is), but that is just one element (and a simple one at that) in a much more complex signal chain. Why are these the constant "scapegoat"?