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What's a good 12" speaker for clean guitar?

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  • What's a good 12" speaker for clean guitar?

    About 50 - 75w power handling would be more than enough.  I want a clean, full range 12" speaker that has extended high frequency response and doesn't do anything other than reproduce what I put into it, i.e. no breaking up, no added warmth, no "bringing the brootalz," etc.

    I have a 2-12 stereo cab with one ancient EV Force speaker in it (which I like the sound of) but the other speaker is a very ancient Sunn speaker that came with the cabinet and has much lower efficiency, very limited high freq response, and looser suspension with sloppy punch.  I'm wanting to buy a tight, efficient, extended freq response speaker similar to the EV 12 and ditch the old Sunn speaker.

    This is for my guitar rig which consists of a 2-12 ported cabinet driven by a MosValve head (or possibly Rocktron Velocity head) using my Roland VG-88 modeler as the input.  In other words I just  want the cab and amp to amplify with minimal coloration.

    Any ideas?

    Terry D.

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    Celestion CL80


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    • RoadRanger
      RoadRanger commented
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      RoadRanger wrote:

      Celestion CL80


      I mentioned this one because it's what's stock in my studio amp (an Egnater Rebel 30) and sounds great even with an acoustic or classical guitar through it .

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    EV 12L

    I believe that was the premium speaker option in Mesa Boogies for some-time.

    I need to catch up with those guys, for I am their leader.


    • Crownman
      Crownman commented
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      Check out Warehouse Speakers    http://wgs4.com/  .  Not exactly cheap but real nice units.  There's a pdf you can download which gives you info on the speaker characteristics.



    • ChiroVette
      ChiroVette commented
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      Audiopile wrote:

      EV 12L

      I believe that was the premium speaker option in Mesa Boogies for some-time.

      Yep, I have that speaker in my old Mesa Boogie Mark III amp.


      Honestly, though, for really clean guitar sound, go with the Jerry Garcia school of thought: JBL E120's.


      I have a pair of the K210's in my rig because I play the Jerry parts in a Grateful Dead cover band, and they are almost as good. I have little experience with the D120's, but I heard they were the real budget speakers in that line. Still, if Agedhorse is recommending them, I would listen to him and not me.

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    • MrKnobs
      MrKnobs commented
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      Thanks everyone for the suggestions. 

      Do they even make Force 12s anymore?  I couldn't find one on the internet or the EV site. 

      I don't mind speakers that are slightly different, that tends to enhance the richness of the stereo, I feel.  However, the two speakers I have are far too different.  The SUNN speaker is half as loud as the Force at the same amp setting, and much darker sounding than the Force.  Both speakers are at least 20 years old and I have a lot more confidence in the old Force continuing to work vs the Sunn.  I'd have more confidence still with a new speaker in place of the Sunn.  Everything I use for shows has some redundancy built in, so losing one of the two speakers during a show wouldn't kill me.

      The other factor is weight.  I've always loved the way JBL E120s sound, but wow, the weight!   And I don't need speakers that will handle a huge amount of power for my guitar rig.  If I play a big show (like SXSW coming up) there will always be a mic or DI to to the mix board.  I just need to be able to hit about 50 solid state watts to each speaker for shows where there's no mic'ing the instrument amps (e.g. our beach resort week also coming up this month.)

      Is it really still possible to buy a Force 12?

      Terry D.

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    Nope, it's 2 (mechanicsl) quality levels up. Based on the delta- lite platform but custom iem soft parts. Less than 6 lbs. pro driver