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Tales of wireless worship - aka, thanks dboomer


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  • Tales of wireless worship - aka, thanks dboomer

    I recently started attending a new church in the area on the reccomendation of a friend.  Like most small churches, they had a mish-mash of sound gear ranging from decent to 'ick.'  While the gear was mostly operational, the pastor's wireless lac mic system was dropping out all too frequently.  After service, I wondered back to the sound table and spotted a shelf with multiple low-end AT and Samson wireless units.  Upon chatting with the sound board operator, I inquired how long they have been having issues with the wireless.  Apparently, of their three wireless systems, one was broken, one handheld worked, and the only 'operational' lav mic was intermittent.

    So, to cut a long story short, I volunteered my skills and support and spent an afternoon documenting their gear, doing some system tweaks, and suggesting a few changes.  Change #1 was to replace the pastor's lav mic ASAP (I tried to persuade him to go headset, but no-go there).

    Based on my personal experience and wisdom shared here, I recommended and they bought the Line 6 XD-V75L lav wireless unit.  At first, they did not understand what could possibly be so much better about the Line 6 versus their $100 unit.

    Well, that question was answered today.  Met this afternoon with a member of the worhip team, and had the system set up in about ten minutes.  Tweaked the gain staging, tweaked the EQ on the mic channel, and told the worship team guy - I am going to my car, tell me if the mic drops out. 

    Well, it didn't.  Out the foyer, through the metal/glass doors, across the parking lot and my voice inside was clear as a bell.  They were amazed at the quality and range.  I was amazed how easy it was to set up the sytem and dial in a good sound.

    So, dboomer, thanks to your employer for making good gear, and thanks to you all for helping me acquire the knowledge to help serve the nice folks at my church by suggesting quality gear for them.

    The bad news is now I want a few of these things to replace my Shure SLX systems.

    Chief fader ape, wire monkey, mic macaque, and speaker chimp.

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    The bad news is now I want a few of these things to replace my Shure SLX systems.

    Worked with a guy last night who was using an SLX... (he was singing in the band, mostly using my gear but brought his own mic). Wasnt impressed. I had a couple of the handheld Line 6s at my previous church and they were great. 


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      My SLX units sound fine and have done yeoman's duty for me for a long time, but the ease of use, sound quality, and technical merits of the V75 series has made quite the impression on me.

      The church folks were staggered by how good the lav sounded, and so was I, frankly.  The next step is to help them upgrade the rest of their gear a little at a time to get better sound.  No EQ, no effects, and an old Mackie powered mixer being used as a power amp to drive some 1980s-era install speakers of unknown origin.  *shudder*