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setup question regarding compressor and feedback suppressor


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  • setup question regarding compressor and feedback suppressor

    Because my house is too small and is tiled...I get a lot of problems with feedback. So I use a dbx compressor daisy chained to a dbx afs unit after the Mic. I'm not happy with the way it sound. I also use a dbx driverack px out of the mains to further help feedback. Mixer is pv10 and jbl prx 635 mains and jbl srx 718 sub. I've also got 2 31 band EQ from Peavey with those blinking red lights to see which freq is too hot. I'm paranoid of feedback I think. What's the best way to set up my system? I only sing karaoke. Thx guys.

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    Ditch the compressor, it's likely causing you the grief. Perhaps ditching the DRPX and seeing if the results are better is a start. Unless you know what you are doing with the DR, that too could make things worse. The base line ea is already done inside the powered speakers.
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      So u think I should keep the dbx afs on the Mic?


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        Well your in small tile room and the sound waves are bouncing right back into your mics and your best line of defence is gonna be volume control  to combat the feedback problems.  Feedback units and EQs might give little GFB (gain before feedback) but volume control is your best tool and it's free.

        I just gotta ask why so much PA in small tile room ?