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Mounting quad box in racks

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  • Mounting quad box in racks

    I need to permanently mount a quad box inside a 12u amp rack (vs using a rack power strip). I'd like to use something off the shelf and maybe a quad box I already have. Prolly the best placement for me (using QSC amps) would be on the right side kinda high up in the back since IEC inputs are there and up high would keep any weather out of it. I'm not a big fan of AC patch panels since I want 10-15' of AC attached, XLR and NL4 are already on it's own 1u panel too.

    I'll try and take a pic soon of the exsisting amp rack in question. So what to use? Bolt thru the box thru the side wall of the amp rack?

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    Any I setup like this I do I go through the side wall with short shoulder carriage bolts so there is nothing to snag on the outside. I also drill holes in the side of the junction box and tie it into the rear mounting strip so all the force isn't against just the plywood. As a last step I also secure the a/c pigtail to the mounting strip in 2 different locations with a couple of p-clamps in case someone trips on the cord, doesn't put the stress on the connection.


    On some crappier racks that had really thin plywood I have mounted partially over the backing on the handle plate and drilled through it for 2 bolts, I usually just drill out a couple of existing rivets to do this.

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      I fabricate quad boxes and dual quad boxes (with proper UL listed hardware) onto the inside of a flanged 3 space rack panel. Works very well, and when done properly is safe and generally will not cause any issues with inspectors provided everything meets the intent of the NEC... the fine print is that it's for portable use and the listing is not, but the box is protected from mechanical damage and contact so generally it's not an issue. use type SO cable and proper strain reliefs. I use flange mount twistlock males for my power, usually L14-20's.