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1000 - 1250 W Amp Recommendations

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  • 1000 - 1250 W Amp Recommendations

    Hi All,


    I am looking for an amp that is in the 1000-1250 RMS @ 8 ohms range and would like some input. I am not a huge fan of frills on power amps so DSP is not really a deciding factor in me going with one over another; as long as it has HPF and soft power on/off I am a happy camper.


    Some I am considering right now include:

    2 x Crown XTI 1002 (bridged)

    Crown XTI 6002

    Yorkville 6040

    QSC RMX 5050

    2 x QSC RMX 1850 (bridged)


    I know a lot of people are really strong supporters of QSC, I am open to other suggestions as well. Not in a huge hurry to get something as I can use my back-up CPX 3800, it's a little light at 775 @ 8 but will work until I get a dedicated amp for the new tops I bought. This amp(s) will be driving a set of Peavey SP6BX (per side) at +100-125Hz only, link to the data sheet is below.




    As always, appreciate any input.





    PS: also curious if anyone has put one of the new Ashly amps to the test yet?

     EDIT: forgot to mention it is a set per side - might have been clearer if I said 1000-1200 @ 4 ohms x 4

    Did I mention the new forum sucks?

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    What specifically are you driving?

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      1kw amps are more and more common these days while 1kw @ 8 is still not. Do you have subs?mwhatbare you powering those with? That's where I'd start.

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      agedhorse wrote:

      What specifically are you driving?

      2 SP6BX per side with subs, will be using 1 - 118SPBX per side to start and add as needed. I posted the SP6 part in the original post but re-reading what I wrote I made a very simple story confusing....the data sheet is posted in the first post as well...

      Simplified story...1000-1250 per cab @ 4 ohms is the target range, ok going a little higher (but not much) as again, I don't drive the crap out of my gear

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    I've provided several of the Ashly KLR series amps to folks looking for a basic model with excellent value. So far they are holding up well and no complaints. The KLR3200 would be about the power rating you are asking for.


    Feel fre to email or message me if you have questions about these.

    Mike Pyle
    Audiopyle Sound Pro Audio & Stage Lighting