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  • Stupid Deal of the Day

    Today they have a 7 piece CAD drum mic set for $100. I seem to remember them being OK?


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    Indeed I am curious if anyone has experience with these mics?


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      I'll let you know next week...

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    I bought one years ago. The tom mics are outstanding (I've used them as a GP mic like a 57 on all kinds of instruments and they sound great). The kick mic was sub standard (and has since failed with little use) and the condensers were unusable (no pad and they would easily overload). That said, I think they have updated their line and you are probably getting totaly different mics. FWIW the tom mics alone were worth the money I paid for the kit.

    Overall I like CAD mics. If you buy their high end ones, some of them are exceptional. Just to hazzard a guess but you will probably find them a good bang for $$$ spent.

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