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Anyone else seeing DOA dbx lately?


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  • Anyone else seeing DOA dbx lately?

    Hi all,


    Another frustrating dbx experience today, yes, I know they have great support and will take care of it but still a PITA. I just setup a PA+ today and after getting everything setup I find all the LEDs on the output side are not working except the 1st one and the normal slight periodic flicker to red on TH.


    I just had to have a brand new 2231 EQ replaced on warranty as well (replacement just showed yesterday), anyone else seeing this lately or am I just unlucky? I try run as much of their stuff as possible as it has always been bulletproof but these last few experiences are making me rethink the premium I pay for their gear.


    Again, I know they will stand behind it, but they don't cover shipping back and it is more the pain of setting everything up, taking more time to troubleshoot to make sure I didn't make a mistake somewhere etc.


    Rant over...anyone else seeing this?


    Did I mention the new forum sucks?

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    I haven't seen it.

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