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  • Need advice on system upgrades

    Just took over regular mix duties for 12-piece band (w/ keys, violin, and a horn section) as my friend makes the move from sound to drums. I've subbed several times since he's been running sound for this group and have helped him convince the group to upgrade some key gear like the mixer which is now a Soundcraft GB8 32ch.

    Now that I'm running sound I'm thinking that their speakers are the biggest obstacle to them sounding as good as they could... and have to go. (Better mics for the horns are second on the list. My friend becoming the drummer solved their inferior drum kit/mics issue. lol) They currently have a pair of Peavey Subcompact 18 subs and SP-5 15" tops and use a pair of pre-Club Yamaha 15s as secondary mains for odd-shaped rooms. Lead singer has IEMs but everyone else is on older mostly Peavey wedges. Their amps are also nearly 20 years old and so I'm thinking powered tops and subs and eventually powered monitors as well.

    Although they dipped into the band's bank account for the mixer purchase last winter I'm told that's a rare occurrence. To upgrade the mains I think the musicians could be convinced to play an upcoming wedding reception for free... giving me the resulting $3000 to start the upgrades.

    FYI - I'm not opposed to buying used if it'll get them more upgrades sooner than later... and if the gear is reliable and/or has good manufacturer warranties. For my own benefit, I'd like to replace their snakes with a nice 32x8 EWI or better reel snake... but that can wait.



    EDIT: My personal opinion is that with so many vocalists, violin, and a horn section that this band is not well served by 15" mains and I'm leaning toward 12s... or maybe even 3-ways.

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    If you're not looking to add subs...  give the RCF ART722A's or 725A's a serious look/listen.  A pair should come in just under $3k.

    Admitedly, I've become a bit of an RCF fanboy as late... but that's only because they seem to have the right balance of price v. performance down.   They're certainly a step above the QSC/JBL offerings,  but won't hurt the wallet like a Meyer / Nexo.


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      Used EAW kf300's can be found under $3000 a pair fairly easily.

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    Oops meant to say seeing two pairs under 3g's, seen used pairs lately 1400-1700 a pair

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      Well, I listened to the JBL PRX635 on the way home from work Friday and was very impressed. Played some horn heavy audio through it and the PRX615 and like the 3-way MUCH better. In reviews I've read of the 635 however I read about a LOT of thermal issues and part failures. Thoughts on getting a pair of PRX635s to eventually put over a pair of PRX618XLFs? Other 3-ways worth looking at in the $1K/cab category?

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      Tomm Williams wrote:
      Oops meant to say seeing two pairs under 3g's, seen used pairs lately 1400-1700 a pair

      The new ZLX 15p can be had for $400.00 each which would get you where you want to be.

      I agree with your bass player.  You can't play bass through 12's and get enough punch to cover very much area.  The 15's will do a much better job.

      Sure, 12's over subs would be a better way to go, but not on your budget.

      I would wait until you can go listen to the new ZLX speakers for yourself and then if they do what you need, you are golden

      Let us know how it works out!