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Stupid newb question: How to mount Mixwiz to rack?

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  • Stupid newb question: How to mount Mixwiz to rack?

    So I got this neat case from Mike Pyle to put my Mixwiz in. It allows the mixer to "pop-up" for use. Having never mounted a board before I am not quite sure how to do it. Should the bottom of the board be flush with the bottom of the rack? That seems to block the faders some when the board is popped up, so I mounted it a bit higher on the rack and installed the bar that says "Allen and Heath" on the bottom. Is there anything wrong with this? Or is there a "correct" way to do it? Here are a few pics.



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    I don't think that is a stupid question at all personally.

    By the looks of everything in your pictures, i would say it is correct, i don't think there are to many options for mounting your mixer in that rack.


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      There will be a position that all of the holes on the mixer ears line up with the rack rail. This will be different on each rack style depending on the position of the rail.
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