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Feeder cable hookup?

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  • Feeder cable hookup?

    Ok, I have a distro that has a 4 prong 220 at the end of a 25ft cable.  This is usually more than enough cable as the hookups are generally right next to the stages we generally play at.  This next gig has the hookup almost 100ft from the stage.  I have about 150ft of SOOJ 8/3 cable on hand.  I know that it is not proper at all to tie ground to neutral ever, and worse comes to worse I will run my 25ft of 8/4 cable as far as I can and use extension cables to the stage from the distro.  Is it possible to use the 8/3 cable on the 4 prong outlet with ground to ground, neutral to neutral, and the hot on the 8/3 cable to only one of the hot lugs on the outlet connector?  Wouldn't this only feed half of my distro panel?  That would be enough for my purposes on this gig.  Or is this just BAD?  I just don't need to spend $400 on 100ft of SOOJ 8/4 or bigger cable for this one gig.  Can I chop up the 8/3 cable to make some heavy duty power cords?


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    It is not proper and would be dangerous at the very least.

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      I usually cross-rent distros for anything over 50A and they provide the feeder. yay.


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        The "right" way to do this (assuming the plug is presently a range plug) is to cut the 25 foot cable about 5 feet from the plug end (or at least long enough to reach the floor from a typical outlet) and install male and female "California style" twistlocks. Now you can go to most any construction rental house and rent a standard 100 foot "spider box" feeder cable which will have the same connectors on either end to extend yours.

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        Good enough for me. So the 8/3 cable is useless as a feeder cable which is what I expected. So can I just chop it up and make a couple long/heavy duty drop cord?