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Someone gave me a Traynor (Yorkville) YSC-8 speaker column.


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  • Someone gave me a Traynor (Yorkville) YSC-8 speaker column.

    A jammin' buddy passed by this morning, and gave me an old Traynor YSC-8 speaker column. It probably dates back to the early '70's. There's a 1/4" 8-Ohm input, and it's apparently rated at 200w program. There are four 8" full-range Marsland cone-drivers, and two more 8" with "whizzer cones", and a "simple" cross-over. The cabinet is described as a "sealed" column enclosure.

    Here's a link;


    The speaker column is in great shape, but is in bad need of a good thorough cleaning. The grille-cloth is filthy, and looks like it must have resided for many years, in a smoke-filled bar.

    What's the proper way to remove the front grille? Just pry it off? I started to do that earlier, and I got the top opened just enough to have a peek inside. I'd really like to clean it up, and see it it still works.

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    So you got yourself a line array, well done

    Man those take me back. IIRC they were the second generation Yorkville columns. I had a pair of the older ones and they survived a fire, so I'm guessing yours might still work.

    Unfortunately, even though I owned a lot of gear from that era, I can't remember how the grills came off. I do remember taking them off on my guitar amp cabs because I thought they looked cool but that was back in 1976. The details are a bit fuzzy.

    Maybe someone from Yorkville still remembers?  Slightly OT, I wonder if Yorkville has a "gear museum". I've got a few pieces I would donate rather than throw away.  I'm guessing not too many people would be interested, but I sure would be.


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      Shaster, from what I gather, the YSC-8 is the "next generation" after the older YSC-1.(Yorkvilles' first product) They supposedly added a simple cross-over, and the two 8" whizzer-cone drivers. Mine starts with serial no. 333******, which I assume is the 3rd year of production. That should date back to '73.

      I'd be willing to bet that Yorkville still stocks parts for the product. .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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    I just pried off the grille. which was held in place by double-sided tape. Everything looks good inside, however, one of the four 8" woofers might need replacing. I checked them all by pushing them gently in, to check for friction/ scratchiness, and one made a noticeable noise. All of the others seemed fine.

    Veni, Vidi, Velcro;

    (I came, I saw, I stuck around)