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Speaker deployment in odd room


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  • Speaker deployment in odd room

    Have a gig coming up that will need some creative speaker deployment. Event is in a room that is much wider than deep. Artist's are scatteref across three stages side by side ( more or less ) Audience is seated wide but fairly close. Due to some acts moving with mics, I thought I might try two side boxes and 3-4 floor wedges as center fills between the audience and performers. Concerned I may not achieve enough GBF if I just rely on two side boxes. The moving mics could quite likely wind up forward of the mains thus the floor wedges. Audience is seated as in a high school gym with each row a bit higher than the previous. Ideas?

    A&H GL2800 console, BagEnd Crystals over D-18's, 12"and 15" BagEnd and EAW wedges powered and processed by QSC, Klark, BSS, Symetrix, Valley, Sabine, Peavey and BagEnd INFRA.

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    I had to do something kind of similar last summer in a tent.  I had a stage at center on the long wall. I put sub/s loudspeaker far right and far left corners of the tent stageside and the loudspeakers toed in toward (to center) to the opposite corners.   Center fill is a good idea but this worked for me.  I was in and out of there without major production doing center fills etc. 

    I was worried about feedback doing this but I had no issues and plenty of gain.




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      Tents are pretty forgiving. Rooms with a natural echo aren't. Things might be better than expected seeing that most modern gyms have sound absorbing material on the ceiling. (The old bathtubs were hell to even get some level of voice comprehension in.) If there is a natural echo, that will probably be your biggest problem to deal with. (Find the guilty frequency and try to minimize the system's output there. Overly simplistic description of how to deal with the problem.)