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  • Thin foam mic windscreens

    I am looking for a source for a "thin" foam windscreen tha will fit over a Shure Beta58 and an Audio Technica 3000 series wireless mic.

    My idea is use them both indoors and out  to gain some moisture protection from the singer's breath.  Also, I hope this will make it easier to "sanitize" the mic.  The actual "wind" performance is somewhat secondary. 

    I have used the typical $2.95 foam windscreens available at GC and lots of other places.  While these do a decent job with the wind, singers don't seem to much like them and often request that I remove them.   I sort of see why as they make the mic head twice as big.  I am looking for something about half as thick and maybe they will be more readily accepted by the performers.

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    Have you had a look at http://www.audiopile.net/product_page.shtml not sure if they have the one you need but, they do have some, or this place. http://www.scansound.com/index.php/microphone-windscreens-1.html


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      The ones I prefer are the Shure A85WS, they are designed primarily for the 87/B87's but work great for what you are doing because they are thin and nicely sculpted. I have some expensive wireless elements that the grill can not easily be removed on, so they get the A85WS all the time and they look new. (I've got about $5k worth of elements, so I have strong motivation to maintain them.)