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Live monitoring with Behringer 802


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  • Live monitoring with Behringer 802

    I'm considering using a Behringer 802 as my personal monitor live. Band is not using in-ears but I would be plugging in Shure buds and a click (drummer). Assuming this is doable. Any suggestions?

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    Why not use in ear buds with a wireless belt pack and tap off the main sound system mix?

    If you have enough sends on the mix you can have your own monitor mix


    Band uses Aux 3 for monitors 

    You use Aux 4 for your in ear monitor setup  and your own mix.

    Aux 1 and 2 are used for effects.

    This is an example scenero laid out for you.

    I dont know your setup.

    You might have multiple monitor sends I do not know this.

    The idea you put forward dosnt make much sense.




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      I see a lot of guys doing it though. Especially drummers with click. I work with several bands where the drummer has a little mixer (usually an 802 or similar) that takes a send from me for his monitors, then the trax and the click track and gives him individual control. That's the only place the click goes for that band.


      I also remember several years ago seeing a band's setup where they did the same thing but at every musician's position. It was a church band so being hardwired wasn't a problem and it was essentially just a headphone amp with a level control they can reach.


      Note that there is NO LIMITING so use caution and it is typically ill-advised for that reason. Other than that I do see it in use a lot.