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  • Yorkville E168 10" loudspeaker

    Hey guys, someone's asked me if a Yorkville Elite e168 would be "good for keys".

    I've never heard those, nor the E160's from which it's derived. Seems to me though, that I read some comments here regarding the E160P's. I'd appreciate any info.

    Also, is anyone aware if there's a specific Yorkville processor for those boxes, and have you used that processor? I would imagine it would be called the EP168.



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    I really like the yorkville speakers, and I am pretty familiar with them, especially the E series. The 160/168 series are discontinued but obviously are out there used. The 10" E series now are the E10 and the E10P. I would go with those as they are twice the power of the 160's. I have a few of the E10P's and they are great little speakers. Would probably do well as a keyboard monitor as long as stage volume is not crazy loud. I use them as monitors mostly for vocals and they have no trouble keeping up. But they are over 300 watts where the 160's are just that. If stage volume is low, then no problem. But we play everything from the classics, to country to top 40 and the E160's would likely do it, but they would be pushed. And I don't think we are overly loud onstage....compared to some I have been with.

    I took a look and can't see a processor for them. If you do find some, you could use a dbx as a processor which would do a very good job of tuning them for your use.

    Edit: I don't think you will ever go wrong with a yorkville elite speaker. They are good speakers and will always be something worth using. Whatever the size, they will serve well and long. I have just purchased some used EF500P and I am not at all concerned. If they work today, my experience is they will work for years to come.


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      Thank you for that response DigitalSound,,,much appreciated. I just checked the Elite processors, and it now appears that they have only one model, which is universal for the entire Elite range of speakers,,,, the EP1.

      The guy who's interested in the E168's, is presently running a Yorkville powered mixer,,, the PM6 I believe, which is 200w @ 8 Ohms,,, 325w @ 4Ohms.. He's currently running Peavey PR12 cabinets, and wants to upgrade his sound, but the budget is VERY tight. He's found a pair of E168's on Craigslist, and he's wondering if those will be an upgrade.

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    Bob, unfortunately the E158's are a different beast than the E10's or E160's....

    I had a pair of the E168's for a couple of months somewhere around 2000 or so.  I was using them for my solo gigs.  I got rid of them because they did not go down low enough for the drum machine kick (and general oomph)  to be effective.  Note that I had previously used a Pulse 8, a Pulse 10, and an elite M160, where the kick was plenty loud for the small lounges I was playing.  The E168's just didn't have any bottom relative to other Yorkville speakers in their class. Because of their size and weight, I was sad to see them go but I couldn't live with their lack of bottom - and didn't want to cart around a sub. IIRC you can see why there's a lack of bottom in their specs.

    If your friend doesn't need any bottom to speak of (again bottom relative to a 10" speaker) then they are fine, albeit a bit middy. I believe it's their trapezoidal shape that robbed them of their bottom end, and if you notice, that series never got moved forward.


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      Thanks for that reply Shaster,

      The fellow in question, says he usually runs bass and percussion "separately", which I presume means, independant of the P/A. His main issue right now, is dealing with the "harsh, brittle" sound of the PR12's (his words).

      I should hear from him shortly, and I'll get his precide definition of "keys". I already told him he'd need some serious low-end if he's running organs or synths. .His budget is between $300.-$600., but I don't know at this stage, if that includes the money he'd get from selling his PR12's.