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  • Digital piano suggestions

    Hi all,


    I am looking for some feedback on digital pianos, hoping some people in here have experience with them. It will primarily be used for home recording, I have no intention of using it live. I am most concerned about the sound quality and reliability; the closest real music store to me is about 250 miles away.


    I am looking in the $600-1000 range but closer to the bottom end would make the wife happier for sure


    Some I am considering are the Korg SP 250, Korg LP 350, Yamaha DGX 640, & Yamaha P155. I like the sound from some of the Casio models in this range but it sounds like they are having a lot of quality issues. My preference is 88 key and weighted; if there is a 61 or 72 weighted with exceptional sound I would consider it as well.


    Appreciate any input.




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    I've been casually looking into that stuff as well. I don't play keys, nor do I know much about them, but I wanted to get one for the studio/ jam room. Turns out there's quite a distinction between "electric" pianos, "digital" pianos, etc. I spoke to quite a few keyboard players, and the general consesus seemed to be, get an 88-key keyboard with a "weighted action". "Digital pianos" apparently refers to those pianos that tend to sound like real grand pianos, baby-grands, and up-rights,,,, whereas the "electric" pianos, is apparently more along the lines of Fender Rhodes,,, and that type of thing..It's my understanding that you'd want 256-voice polyphony, if you want that real piano sound, but that 128-voice sounds very good as well.

    At one point, I was thinking of getting a Nord Electro, or a Nord Stage, but I'm still very undecided.

    Quite a few of the guys on the keyboard forum, recommended the Casio Privia's. Costco always has them on sale,,, usually around $700. If you buy at Costco.ca,,, their on-line "store",,, they deliver to your door.

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      For what I am looking at I think 128 is a ton, even 64 would be enough for me; I'm not a key player either but looking to grow...amazing how even playing around with the synth the last week or so on my Arturia Spark has opened a whole bunch of new creative avenues. I am mostly looking for a piano sound more than a lot of electronic sounds but it would be cool to have a decent Hammond or Moog in there as well.

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    You really do need to put your hands on one before you decide to buy. Weighted vs non weighted is a big issue if you are going to learn to play. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of outputs the keys have. Basically if it has onboard speakers it usually doesn't have 1/4" outs. A keyboard controller like the Arturia is a good choice if you have a computer around as you can buy all sorts of "voices." For an all in one look at Rolands VR-09. It's designed as a 61 key performance keyboard and was just announced at NAMM. If you preorder throught MF right now its $850. Looks like a really decent 2nd tier board. Plenty of utubes available to listen to it This is in Japanese but will give you an idea.


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      There's a good article by one of the resident experts on some of the recent keyboards in the review section. Search

      Making Sense of Synths: How to Choose A Hardware Keyboard

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    Wow, there are some long posts in this thread.


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      Mogwix wrote:

      Wow, there are some long posts in this thread.

      Could you elaborate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in 3000 words or so..png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />