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  • Incompetence at GC

    As some of you know, I am in the process of getting a digital mixer.  I have looked at the DL1608, the new the line 6, and the X32.

    I downloaded the Behringer XControl application and got the general lay of the land so that when I spent an hour with it today, I would have much of the things it could do figured out.

    First, I asked the salesman if he could show me around the X32.  In response, he walked me over to the mixer and said "this is it".... not exactly what I had in mind, but I thought OK, I'll figure it out on my own.

    I noticed that he had a stereo feed on inputs 1 and 2 XLR ins, but for some reason, had input showing on 1,2, 9 and 10.... wierd.  I asked about this and he had no idea.... so I went to the routing page.  Someone had set inputs 1-8 as well as inputs 9-16 all on the same 8 busses.  I modified the inputs to be correct and the input dissappered from inputs 9 and 10 as you would expect.

    Next, I was playing around with the recorded music and noticed a decided lack of bottom end.  I went to the speaker rack to see what speakers were being used.  It was the new JBL STX double 15".  No bottom?  Come to find out, the outs were going into a crossover, and he couldn't get the subs to work.

    I am sure that crap like this hurts sales!

    With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Understanding

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    I wouldn't expect a GC goon to know anything about anything. I wouldn't buy any PA gear from GC anyhow.


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      I mean, it's understandable that not everyone who works there is gonna know the ins and outs of every mixer, but you think they'd try to keep some compitent people in that section of the store. People that would at least know what the customers were looking for.


      • dcastar
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        Editing a comment

        Here's the deal with GC.   Most of their business / profit comes from selling sticks / strings / software.   They hire people that have a base line knowledge to do that type of work.   

        The Assistant Managers on up are guys that actually have decent knowledge...
        Beyond that you have "Guitar Center Pro" aka "GC Pro" reps.   These are the true gear-heads... and the guys you ideally should be talking to when making a major purchase.

        Not all GC's have GC Pro reps, so lookup on their website which ones do, and make an appointment with one of them.


        Having said all that,   I deal directly with my local GC Pro rep,  Greg.   I cannot even begin to explain how excellent his knowledge and customer service is....