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Is a line output on stage practical?

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  • Is a line output on stage practical?

    I need to run from a micpreamp onstage, (using clipon condenser mic that can be clipped on banjo and reso guitar).  Preamp needs eq for feedback and swapping instruments, and xlr in with phantom power etc....    Im looking at joe meek 3q as an option.  

    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/threeQ?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campai gn=none&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&gclid=CL3Esp XFyrYCFZBcMgodxxEAiQ

    These typically have a line level out ... will that be a problem for soundman onstage?

    Also if anyone has more ideas for preamp with these capabilities that is portable for stage use and reasonable cost let me know.

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    I would look at one of these as they are only slightly more than the item you posted and have a ton more flexibility.



    You can find them new on eBay for less and if you are in the US a lot of sellers offer free shipping; I paid $270 for the last one I bought using the make offer option.

    Did I mention the new forum sucks?


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      Mosspiglet wrote:

      I need to run from a micpreamp onstage



      • agedhorse
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        You do know that all of these features are available in any decent FOH mixer right?

        If you are connecting to a PA, either the unbalanced output into a DI with ground lift option (probably a better level match for most systems) or the balanced out with an audio isolation transformer and ground lift but you may also need a pad depending on the mixer you are using your preamp with.

      • Mosspiglet
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        Why do I need a preamp onstage?  

        I am using a single shure beta 98 clipon condenser mic,switching it between 2 banjos and a reso guitar, playing bluegrass/oldtime in small clubs etc.

        I need to have a convenient eq for the clipon mic so i can make adjustments to the sound, like rolling off the highs when switching the mic from the guitar to banjo (without having to bother the soundman during a show, half the time they wander off after the first couple songs.)   Also a parametric eq would be nice to control feedback or wolf notes when needed. The mic needs phantom power too of course.

        thx for help sofar everyone