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Hanging Tapestries On Stage For A Show?

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  • Hanging Tapestries On Stage For A Show?

    Okay this is likely the wrong forum for this, but I will ask anyway. I am snagging some tapestries for my band, tie dye stuff and whatnot, as well as having a banner made once we decide on a logo. Anyway, what is the best way to hang tapestries on a live show as a backdrop on the stage, without nails or mess? Anyone have any experience with this?


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    Im sure there are better ideas....but for our banner, we use some small bungee straps with j-hooks on them. easily to hook up and hang about anywhere. A roll of string is handy also for windy areas.
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      I have used a mid-price lighting truss with crank stands for this; it works well as a lot of places don't have a good location to hang from and this setup also makes it sturdy so the drummer doesn't get a surprise at some point in the night. The crank stands work well for leveling as some places we have had to put one stand on the stage and one on the floor etc.


      Prior to taking this approach I always thought it looked bush league as it was almost impossible to get the right level and stretch; which then made positioning lights a PITA....this approach is easy for setup and doesn't waste time, not sure about you but the last thing I ever have extra of at load-in/setup/soundcheck is time... 

      Did I mention the new forum sucks?


      • agedhorse
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        Note that some venues will require a flame retardant certificate for each piece, depends on where you play.

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      We use the Marathon version of this to hang our vinyl backdrop:



      The "T" bars are handy for adding some side-fill lighting.

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      • ChiroVette
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        Would hanging tapestries from a truss system like that still mean that I would be subject to the same issues regarding the tapestries having accompanying flame retardant certificates?

        I was kind of hoping there was a way around an entire truss system, though.


        Edit: Also, how wide is that truss?

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      I'm guessing it would still have to be fireproof. Some backdrops have gussets.

      Leave the T-Bars off the truss. A few zip ties, and you're golden.



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        Here's one:



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          There will be a certificate sewn into one of the turn backs or hems. That's what we look for befor hanging them in a house that follows the post Great White rules.


          • Stokely
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            Sad to think that I immediately thought of that horrible Great White video the second after I read the title...and I have no knowledge on this subject.  That terrible event really had an impact in many ways.

          • Pro Sound Guy
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            The whole club burns to the ground and they find the tapestries untouched by flames with tags still in place smelling like the rose of Sharon.



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          Material on walls and ceilings is required to have a different flame spread rating because of the nature of the combustion on a vertical and overhead surface.

          Materials are required to be fire retardant in assembly occupancies because ignition can happen by accident from a variety of causes. The goal is to prevent loss of life if for any reason it was to catch fire.


          • BillESC
            BillESC commented
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            The OP could tie-dye a cotten sheet and once set, treat it with Rosco Flamex NF.  This will pass a flame test should a fire marshall demand one.