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Mixwiz vocal effects?? What are you guys using??


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  • Mixwiz vocal effects?? What are you guys using??

    Just curious on what everyone is using......we have been popping around trying the different ones, but havnt hit one we really like yet.  Last weekend it was vocal plate I think.

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    Vocal Plate is the one I mostly use, but reverb is the crutch of the bad singer, so I don't use very much. I'm pretty sure there are many effect units that much better, but it's nice to not have to add another piece of equipment to my mixing stack. I'm about to change my MixWiz jumpers to better use Aux 6 for an additional monitor mix. (We're a 7 piece band and the lead vocal only wants himself in his IEMs. Guitar and bass share a monitor, drums and keyboards are separate mixes until I bother to carry an amp and/or leslie for my keys. The 'bone and wind-synth players need separate IEM mixes. I'm about to need a upgraded mixer. That's 5 AUXs and 1 lead vocal out from his own channel. ) I'm trying to hold off buying a new mixer for now.


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      Yea - Vocal Plate.  It's fine.