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OT: midi cable latency ?


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  • OT: midi cable latency ?

    Just wondering does midi cable have latency after certain length ?


     I need extend the midi only cable with a  20ft midi cable run to a shorter 3ft usb/midi cable.



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    Should be totally insignificant,
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      agedhorse wrote:
      Should be totally insignificant,

       So your saying it wont work  or will work? Sorry your answer flew over my head.


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    The latency of cables for moving signal is essentially the speed of light.  The speed of MIDI is somewhat slower so it won't have any real effect until your cable is about 500 miles long.

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      Considering the very slow transfer rate (31K Baud), the latency due to the length of the cable could not possibly be a problem.

      If you get the cable too long, the issue will be signal degradation (the active bits won't get high enough).  The lengths you are talking about should be no issue at all.