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  • Splitting a backing track

    This is probably more suited to the Recording forum but I believe some of you guys may know the answer. Friend asked me how he could make a backing track of a piano with a click track. He then wants to split the track so ONLY the click track is heard in the monitors while the piano AND click track is heard in the mains (live event) He didn't say, but I'm assuming he's recording onto CD. I'll be running the sound for this event so ultimately this will fall into my hands.....................ideas?

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    What is he using for the source on the click track? If it is some seperate device like a drum machine it is no different than mixing anything else live and assigning it to the aux; if by click track he is refering to the metronome built into a digital piano I am not aware of any way of seperating it from the piano.

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      Piano left, click right. Piano will need to track the click so doing on a seperate device does not make sense. Then route left to mains, right to monitors.
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        He just gave me some more info, the recording was not made in stereo so we can't split. I guess this was a pre-made track. I originally thought he was trying to create a track.

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      Don't know if this is even an option....but the fact is, rather than trying separate individual parts from a single track recording,  it would probably be easier to just re-record the tracks in stereo.