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  • Sound/Music/Video Service & Rental Marketing.

    Hello people at HC. I'm writing regarding making a marketing plan for my marketing class proyect.

    I'm looking forward to creating a hypothetic sound (backline) & video service + instruments rental business venture.

    I know/feel that sound business promove themselves by word of speech, but what type of advertising you/they do to promote themselves?

    I don't see many advertising campaigns where I live. Only vans with the service promotion, drum sets with the company logo, presentantion cards, and some type of outdoor advertising.

    Is there something more to promote these types of service? 

    All help will be appreciated!

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    How about your local newspaper?


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      It would be a great idea. I imagine the regional newspaper instead of the national newspaper right?

      I'm at the point of making a ''marketing research'' about the sound, lights, and backline industry. Don't find that much information online.