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Alto TSsub15... Thoughts?


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  • Alto TSsub15... Thoughts?

    Backstory: I have a Kv2 KX1.5 sub that I can't find a mate for and would like another little sub to put under the other powered top instead of using a stand. My existing sub is this one (although an early Kv2 badged version that is shorter and doesn't hit quite as low... that said, I'd buy another in a heartbeat if anyone had a line on one. Sadly even the KX Audio website now just redirects to the main Kv2 website.)

    This is for a PA for a 12-piece band with horn section that up until recently had a heavy-handed drummer and needed a LOT more PA. (Now I just run everything at the level of the trumpets... MUCH nicer. Get a lot more compliments on the sound, too. Drummers, take note!) Ran sound for them at a bar gig last weekend with my one Kv2 sub and a pair of Harbinger APS15s (usually used as monitors or for the small DJ gigs I do as a volunteer) and it was plenty of PA for a smaller room... but wouldn't be enough low end for the wedding reception gigs they do, I'm afraid. (Just trying to get them off of the 800 lbs. of 20-year-old mis-matched Peavey gear they insist on lugging around.)

    So there's a new Alto TSsub15 in the scratch-n-dent area at my GC for $509+tx. (Very minor cosmetic issues... first gig kinda stuff. They probably just dropped a guitar case on it or something.) It says that it's 600W RMS, 123db SPL/126db Peak, can hit 42hz(-10) which is all pretty much the same as my Kv2 spec-wise (although not quite as loud) and I'm thinking about getting it even though it won't look identical to the other SoS. (Although both subs are very close in size... the Alto is taller where the Kv2 is wider.)

    Thoughts on this little Alto sub?

    Where the Mississippi River runs west...

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    Seriously... nobody? (Bueller? Bueller?)

    Where the Mississippi River runs west...


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      I've got a couple of ZX1a Subs. They're in your ball park. Very tight sounding kick drum. I love it. (12" driver with amp built in.) Less than 50 pounds weight each and are priced at $600 a unit in the US. (700 watts.) I can see situations where you might want to double up on subs, but their sized lends them to stacking a couple with a single on the tube above them without getting too huge or too tall. We use them for 7 vocals, trombone, keyboards and kick in small clubs. (We're about 107 dbc for stage volume.) I think they would work fine for medium sized clubs where a mic isn't required for the trumpets. (Or only solos on the trumpets.) My entire ZX1a PA powered speakers would fit into most mid-sized car trunks. Just a thought. It's not the only game in town, but it's one of them.


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        Musicians friend has a used (return) for 300.00.

        Music 123  / 449.00 new.

        Muscians friend is free shipping and no tax.

        Kind of a no brainer.

        I simply googled the model you listed and this all came up.

        Its no wonder GC is headed for the bit bucket.




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          Where are youlocated? I have 3 Proel Flash 15sa'a that I would part with.

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        I love my little proel flashes....


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          great little sub for sure!