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    To be on the S.A. Part of the world has some adavntages, and disadvantages as well; over here on most any gig that you provide sounds, stage, lights, and video you'll encounter some awkard and rare stuff while the event its starting and in progress; over here we have a lot of singers who always come at the last moment to do rare request like the ones that i would mention: the worst that i had is a request to connect via usb a hard disk drive that one of the singers of that particular event had with it, he saw that i had my laptop(wich handles only the lighting stuff) near my pa and asked for it to install over here wich of course i said No, and i explained to him why the laptop was over there and the use that it was taking for; so after that soon he comes back and request some usb port to plug his thumbdrive on wich he had his songs that he would sing; other "singers" come with their cell phones so via headphone i have to connect over the mixers and so on; some of them comes with dvd disc, and others with a normal cd; the awkard was a guy who came and request if i have an sd card player, cause he just had their music right into an sd card; so i was looking for a proper media player over my market and i havent found anything of the above in one single player; so i bought a lg portable dvd player that comes with usb port, sd, mmc reader, it reads dvd disc, cd disc, and mp3 players and its doing its job well; but i would like to change it over a more pro player regarding that portable looks that it has; has anyone over come across of somehting that can read all of the above on a1 or 2 space rack mount? Any hints on it? Thabks

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    Often, unreasonable last minute requests are better handled with a single work that is the same in both Spanish and English... NO

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    • toober
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      Maybe ask a few djs what they use.

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    The portable dvd its working fine regarding the handle of usb, thumbdrives, an sd cards, but i want a more professional look, like some cd player that could be rackmountable and would accept besides the mp3, wav, a usb drive, and some sd card like the oprtable dvd one; djs over here use laptops, but i dont want to do that, so i'm looking for a device that have this kind of things, besides reading cds


    • nchangin
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      Invest in a $2000.00 DJ mixer with all those interfaces. Done.

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    I can't think of anything in a rack mount configuration for $100... but you an find used laptops on line for about that much that should be able to handle most of what you need.

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        Look for something like that. Search "rack CD player" on eBay maybe


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          Thanks for all the comments, I'll stick for a while with the portable DVD player, but I'll be look for a device that could handle that, thanks again


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            Altought I found some models that have what I look, check them out: www.am pro.eu. they have a lot to them, also one from Gemini that does it too and its rackmountable


            • Rob_H
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              I bought a Teac CD200i a while ago, suggest looking at some others in this line. Mine has everything you are looking for except for the card reader but they do make a model with it; or you could get an external reader that interfaces with your iPod and transfer it to the there first. I picked up the Teac for $219 on eBay, the ones with the SD option weren't that much more but I had no use for one.


              I would stay away from Gemini, everything I have seen from them is crap.

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            Thanks for the tip Rob_H, I'll check the teac website to see what they are offering


            • agedhorse
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              Note that Teac just got purchased by Gibson for I think $52 million, I expect to see the good products discontinued and some look-alike products emerge. They also own either all of or a major stake in Onkyo.

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            I have an onkyo amp over my house, it sounds good,