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Decent active sub <$1000?


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  • Decent active sub <$1000?

    Looking for an active sub under $1000. 5-piece band, 2 keyboards, 2 guitars, 5 vocalists, rhythm section playing mostly classic rock with some Motown and 80s mixed in, so basically no pulsing house/dance beats, just looking to fill out the sound. We currently have an active speaker/monitor system (hodge-podge of brands), and no subs at all. 

    I saw the other "Subwoofer advice" thread but the recommendations there have creeped out of my budget. I'd really like to spend $5-600, but in looking around I'm not sure I can get something decent for that, so I'm topping off at $1000. (Used is fine.) I know subs in this range will each have their shorcomings and that I can get something better if I save up and spend more (common answer in these types of threads), but I do not have that option, so if we could stay focused on the $500-1000 range, I'd appreciate it! 



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    Used PRX-618XLF would be my first suggestion. Used Yamaha DSR, QSC HPR, etc.

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      Actually, he won't even have to buy them used. I paid $960.00 plus shipping per XLF sub when I bought my pair. You just have to find a dealer who will work for a low margin over cost and who will drop ship from Harmon Kardon.